Our Prayer: A Health Baby 2008!

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On December 31, 2007, my husband and I stood together hand in hand praying over our family prayer bottle our New Year’s prayer. It was a simple prayer request for a child. My husband jotted down on a white piece of paper the simple phrase and prayer: “A Healthy baby 2008” and then we prayed as two or more gathered and as husband and wife.

We had been through three and half years of infertility and I had been through several surgeries in hopes of getting pregnant. I had tried accupuncture, fertility drugs, fertility vitamins, fertility lubricants, progesterone, and certain foods that would jump start my fertility. In addition I had an ovulation/ fertility tracker online that I did. None of these worked. All the while, we were praying for the gift of children. It was difficult not to put my trust and hope in these things because I had seen them work in the lives of friends and acquaintances who had had the same difficulty getting pregnant and then suddenly they were pregnant having the blessing and gift of children.

Ultimately, though I knew that God was my Creator and as my creator that he could bless us with children. After all in Genesis 1:27-28 he commands us “to go and multiply!” But what was getting in the way of this replenish the earth thing for my husband and me?

While I believe it is alright to try all the things I listed above, God really wants us to trust him with his timing and plan for our lives, marriages and families. He is our source for building our families. We must strive never to put more store in man made things than the things of God. Relying on God in the midst of our challenges and struggles, draws us closer to him and through it we can see God moving in our lives and our relationship with him in turns grows stronger.

In 2008 when we prayed this prayer as husband and wife for a healthy baby, this time of prayer never left my thoughts at any point that year. I clung to this prayer moment through the devastating moments we experienced that year and it is what helped me look forward and look to God for His blessing of children. Through it all I believed some how some way God would come through for our family.

You may ask what were the moments of discouragement. After our simple prayer, the year started off bleak. In late January of 2008 we were excited about pursuing international adoption as a means to build our family. However, it came to a screeching halt after our visit to the adoption agency in Indianapolis. We learned that not only would it take two or three years under normal circumstances, all of the countries were closed because they were trying to get in compliance with the new Helsinki guidelines. I remember leaving the adoption agency trying to be positive and take this let down in my stride when I looked at my husband’s face of discouragement. He was so let down and then so was I. You see I was in my late thirties and Steve was about to be forty.

We decided to take a different route and go back down the fertility pathway and try artificial insemmination. This was successful, we thought. I got pregnant for the first time ever. But learned in week seven that there was not a baby in the pregnancy sac. My body was operating as though I was pregnant but the baby never fully formed according to the doctors. So we went back each week until week 13 when we had to have the pregnancy sac removed. This was devastating for me and my husband and our entire family.

God showed his love for us through my miscarriage and planted a prayer garden in remembrance of the baby we lost. This was comforting because the doctors stated the baby never fully formed, but God knew all of the hopes and the dreams we had for this unborn child and he ministered to us through making us a prayer garden in the midst of our loss and pain.

2 You know when I sit and when I rise;you perceive my thoughts from afar. (Psalm 139:2 NIV)

Not only does God hears our prayers, he even knows our thoughts. Isn’t that amazing that we have a God who knows us inside and out. Through our miscarriage, God revealed this awesome truth. God knows us intimately, he knows when his children are hurting and he wants to show us his love when we go through difficult times.

You may be skeptical of God planting the garden. However, for the skeptics,as I have documented above scripture proves that God knows our thoughts. For you see I had researched prayer gardens as a way to deal with the miscarriage. I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to have a prayer garden as a memorial but never spoke to anyone about this heart desire. There was only one explanation, it came from God. I am not a gardener, my husband was too grieved strickened to plant it and there had never been any flowers there the previous two years we lived in the home. The week of my surgery a beautiful grouping of yellow snap dragons appeared in our front entranceway freshly planted. Through this act of love my God showed to me and my husband, I knew there was something good in store for us. I knew within the depths of my being that the prayer we prayed at the beginning of the year would come to fruition.

What pleased Jesus more than anything here on earth during his earthly ministry?

One answer: Extreme Faith. Faith from the Centurion, Faith from the woman who was healed from the flow of blood, the faith of a little boy to share his food and have it multiplied over and over again to feed thousands.

I never lost faith that year, and then it happened, God opened the door to a healthy baby in 2008 through the miracle and gift of domestic adoption. Samuel came home to be with us in mid November and he has been in our custody since he was 23 minutes old. I stand amazed at the awesome glory of my Savior Jesus Christ and how his plan is always better than our own. Though we tried different pathways, different things all throughout our journey to have children, his plan was far better than ours. Not only did we have faith in God’s plan, we knew he did have a specific plan for our family we just had to have faith to know he would accomplish it in his time. God does not require much, but he does require that he have simple faith. When we have faith even as small as a mustard seed, God will move. God loves you too and wants you to have faith in him to build your family.

Do you have faith in your Lord Jesus? I know you can. Will you choose to have that simple faith in Christ this year?

I want to challenge you this year to pray as a family for God to build your family and trust him to bring it to pass. Have the miracle of faith as our forefathers and mothers had in the Bible. Hannah, Elizabeth and Mary were all women of faith and saw God move incredibly and miraculously in their lives through awesome circumstances. Focus on God, lift your eyes to him, and look for scriptures and books in the Bible that will encourage you this year to stay true to your faith in God. Much love to you all in this new year and many blessings to you and your family for a healthy baby or babies in 2014 and the years to come! Happy New Year!

Much Love In Christ,


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